Helps improve stubborn areas like hips, thighs, butt, and arms.


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• “Force” the weight to come from brown fat stores, and not from muscle.
• Keep appetite down
• Keep mood and energy up
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Get 1 Bottle of Pounds & Inches Drops.
• “Force” the weight to come from brown fat stores, and not from muscle.
• Keep appetite down
• Keep mood and energy up
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Without a diet drop product, a diet can be an awful experience.

But with Pounds and Inches Drops, you enjoy these advantages:
1. You eat normal, delicious food!
2. Your appetite is naturally decreased.
3. Your energy will stay up!
4. You will not experience brain fog or lack of mental clarity.


Our drops, in conjunction with our doctor created diet, can literally be the end of the stubborn fat you have been fighting for years!

Why Diet Drops?

There are many types of diet drops on the market today, and all work in slightly different ways, but as the name suggests, Pounds and Inches Drops are based on the famous book Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons.

Written in 1967, the book was founded on a very simple premise that every pound of fat on your body can be converted into usable calories. As the body converts fat into calories, the caloric intake from food is greatly reduced. Each pound of fat converts to 1,200 to 2,000 calories of usable energy, so the body needs less calories through nutrition. 

Originally, back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, Dr. Simeons recommended a 500 calorie per day protocol, in conjunction with injections of 125 IU of the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is extracted from the urine of pregnant women (you can’t make this stuff up). Using this formula of a 500 calorie diet with the HCG, he was able to help people lose weight like never before, usually 1-2 pounds per day, and help them re-shape their bodies.

But, modern nutritional science has proven a few flaws in the program:

1. Taking a lot of a single hormone daily leads to hormone imbalances. 
2. The 500 calorie diet didn’t provide enough protein to maintain muscle mass.
3. People often had side effects such as headaches, cramps, and even hair loss.

But… the basic premise of eating a low calorie diet, in conjunction with the right supplement is still an effective weight loss strategy. Thus, diet drops were born!

Pounds and Inches Drops, represent the pinnacle of the latest diet drop research.

Updated in 2015, we are confident our formula represents the latest in rapid weight loss methodology.

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What people are saying about Pounds and Inches Drops


Our diet drops are to be used in conjunction with a doctor created 800 calorie a day menu, comprised of normal food, with the goal of losing 1 to 2 pounds per day!

And while you probably would lose weight anyway on an 800 calorie diet, the Pounds and Inches diet drops are specifically formulated to do the following things:

1. “Force” the weight to come from brown fat stores, and not from muscle.
2. Keep appetite down
3. Keep mood and energy up
4. Allows you to stay on the diet longer. Originally, Dr. Simeons advised to never go more than 40 days on his protocol. But with our diet and drops, you can stay on the diet as long as 16 weeks!

We hope you will find that this truly is the evolution of the original Pounds and Inches protocol, with all the weight loss, but none of the downsides!

We also offer a 1200 calorie plan for those who are very active or for whatever reason don’t want to do an 800 calorie diet. Weight loss will be slower, but still much faster than any other diet method! Choose which makes most sense for you.

Of course, check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regimen. Also note that the 800 calorie diet is not appropriate for:

-pregnant or nursing women
-people over 50
-anybody with health problems